1871’s The Bunker Welcomes MARCH Marketing

MARCH Marketing is the newest addition to 1871’s entrepreneurial hub for veteran-owned startups, The Bunker.

The Bunker welcomes its newest member to the first cohort of businesses: MARCH Marketing, a marketing firm specializing in communications to the military and veteran community. The Bunker is the part of Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for digital startups, 1871, that targets veteran owned startups.

“New technologies and social platforms are growing and it is important that our veterans and heroes at home and globally have early access,” said Tom Aiello, founder and President of MARCH Marketing. “We are excited to be a member of the Bunker. Their visionaries and resources will help us take MARCH to the next level.”

MARCH Marketing is an integrated marketing firm that leverages social and digital platforms to expand the reach of traditional marketing and public relations strategies that engage veterans and soldiers.

Current clients include the MIGHTY, the US Army, the Wilson Center, and companies conducting military affinity marketing.

“The Bunker sees the unmet needs around communications and technology to this military and veteran audience,” commented Todd Connor, founder and CEO of the Bunker. “We look forward to supporting the veterans behind MARCH Marketing to realize their vision and leverage their marketing expertise with the other companies at The Bunker.”

About The Bunker
The Bunker will be the nation’s first veterans-exclusive technology business accelerator and will harness the leadership experiences of veterans as a strategic differentiator for startup and early stage veteran-owned, technology-enabled businesses. It is a veteran-operated, veteran-focused effort with an emphasis on finding and offering entry points into the technology community. The Bunker looks to explore and tap into the significant resources already available to veterans from government organizations while emphasizing and amplifying the skills our veterans have developed while serving in the military. Accepted applicants will join The Bunker in 1871’s new 25,000-square-foot expansion space, set to open in October. The Bunker will share the new space with a number of alumni companies, venture capital firms, and incubators. http://www.bunkerincubator.com

“New technologies and social platforms are growing and it is important that our veterans and heroes.. have early access.”

About MARCH Marketing, LLC.
MARCH specializes in marketing and communications targeted to military and veteran audiences. Based in Chicago with an office in DC, the agency is one of the few Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB) that provide these type of integrated marketing and consulting services, and the only with this deep expertise into the military and veteran audience. When it comes to communicating to military and veterans, MARCH is the agency to call. For more information, visit us at http://www.marchcorp.com