Veteran Employment & Inclusion Programs

Military veterans represent a 14 million person talent pool

  • With 1 million transitioning out of the military over next 3 years

Diverse Talent Pool – 36% of military personnel are diversity candidates

Over-index on tangible and intangible skills:

  • Tangible Skills: $17 billion spent annually on Military training and education.  Military specialties cover wide-range of hard-to-find skills

  • Intangible Skills: Integrity, Maturity, Teamwork, Leadership, Diversity in Action, Communication Skills, Commitment/ Dedication, Accelerated learning curve, Performance under pressure


The MARCH team has over two decades of experience in the veteran employment space having helped hundreds of employers establish veteran
hiring programs.

Services include:

  • Military Veteran Employment – Help employers create talent strategy, veteran sourcing, recruiter training, inclusion and retention programs to hire veterans

  • Military Veteran Inclusion – Help employers create inclusive culture for military veterans including transition workshops and employee resource groups

  • Employment Branding – Branding and strategy to enable employers to effectively communicate their employment offerings to veteran candidates

  • Veteran Talent Marketing – Connecting employers wanting to hire veterans to qualified veteran candidates

  • Program Management – Management of veteran marketing, advertising and recruiting campaigns