Our Mission

To improve the lives of veteran and active-duty military families.”  

The work of MARCH has a profound effect to help (and help others help) veterans, members of the Armed Forces, and their families. Insightful programs and effective communications drive client success. And a portion of the company’s bottom line every year goes back to help military veteran charities.

MARCH Marketing is the leading agency specializing exclusively in strategy, consulting, marketing, recruiting, public relations, social media, and word-of-mouth communications for products and services targeting military and veteran families.

The company leadership team includes a West Point graduate and all experiencing real-world military deployments in the Middle East.  
With unique expertise and experience in this market, veteran-owned MARCH Marketing offers exciting solutions to help clients successfully reach and motivate desired targets through traditional media, online channels and – increasingly – in person. Client experience includes major retailers and brands along with the U.S. Military itself.  When it’s important to connect with this influential market, MARCH is the agency to call.

Who We Are

A collection of veterans and experts with decades of experience in marketing, employment, and programs catering to the military veteran community.

tom headshot 2.JPG

Tom Aiello

CEO & Founder

  • Army veteran
  • West Point graduate

  • Kellogg Business School graduate

  • Experienced business leader with world-class marketing experience and specialization in Integrated Marketing, Veteran Employment & Inclusion, Recruitment Marketing, Public Relations, Cause Marketing.

  • Government programs leadership (Helmets to Hardhats, Department of Defense TAP Portal, Military Spouse Career Center)

  • Commercial programs (Military.com Commercial Advertising Clients, Sears Military Discount Program, Sears Military Veteran Loyalty Program, Troop ID eCommerce Implementation)
  • Veteran charities expertise raised over $118MM to help over 114,000 military and veteran families in just 4 years (Heroes at Home, USO, Rebuilding Together, March of Dimes, St Jude Children’s Hospital, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The American Legion, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Team Up To Stop Bullying)



Call Center, Virtual Relationship Mgmt. 

65-person CRM team staffed with military veterans, national guard, and military spouses

Executing lead refinement and CRM programs for commercial and government clients

Company History

MARCH Marketing was created because the shared affinity of military service is one of the most powerful bonds that exist in our society.  The power of that affinity and the combined strength of the 25 million who have served is largely untapped but represents many solutions to societal and business issues – far beyond those of just veterans.

The veterans who started MARCH sought to put organizations on notice to think hard about how they provide goods and services to veterans.  Also, MARCH filled a role to remind veterans of their inherent strength when they stick together to “awake the sleeping giant.”

This military and veteran insight is critical to the success of any program targeting those audiences – government, commercial, educational, employment, or charity. Without strong, insightful communications, the best-intended programs will fail.

The triggering event to start MARCH was a “Perfect Storm” of factors – the proliferation of programs and communications to and about military veterans in the commercial, government, and charity space as well as a surge of new entrants was serving to actually impair and not help military Veterans.  MARCH believes that convergence of programs and crisp, insightful communications are key to helping these military veteran families.

The mission of MARCH is to improve the lives of veteran and active-duty military families.  The work that MARCH does has a profound effect to directly help (and help others help) veterans.  Insightful programs and effective communications drive client success in serving veterans.  And a portion of the company’s bottom line every year goes back to help military veteran charities.

Twenty-five million living Americans, active, veteran and retired share a comradeship forged under the most challenging circumstances. The dynamics and challenges facing military and veteran families are the most unique of any time in history.

MARCH is the unique company, designed to meet and solve those challenges.