“When you live, sleep, and eat with a group of men over a year’s period of time, you develop a bond that is not only professional but personal as well.  These are the same team members you entrust your life to when going on a mission outside the wire.  But the bond my Air Force brothers shared was rather unique and I never experienced this type of closeness.”  - Air Force Sergeant

Twenty-five million living Americans have served in the US Armed forces.  They represent a huge portion of the US population

U.S. Veteran Population

  • 23 million veterans
  • 20 million spouses
  • 45 million siblings
  • 55 million children

Income higher than non-veteran population

U.S. Military Population

  • 1.4 MM Active Duty
  • 1.1 MM Spouses
  • 1.3 MM Guard & Reserve

Recession proof income & greater disposable income


Whether active, veteran, or retired they all share a common comradeship forged under the most challenging circumstances in their lives.  Those insights are the most powerful bonds in their belief system and drive a devotion that shapes decisions in their daily lives.  This insight is a core driver of the military veteran affinity group.  Depending on the need, military veterans represent a powerful audience to drive client success.